Monday, October 27, 2008


Justin and I were called to Nursery in our ward about 4 months ago and to tell you the truth I was really excited that we got to serve together and that we got to work with kids! But…I didn’t know that there were 5 nurseries in our ward! There are actually 3 now and we have the largest and youngest group of kids. I would say on an average week we have about 22-24, but there are more coming in soon and more and more families moving in! Every Sunday we go home unbelievably exhausted. We eat and then head back to bed for our “Sunday Nap”. We have had a lot of people say that Nursery works better than Birth Control, but surprisingly it only makes me more eager to have children. It is so fun to watch them learn, play, and interact with each other. Now, don’t get me wrong I know it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, there are weeks I come home with boogers on my shoulders, pee spots on my skirts, and bite marks, and I seriously start to rethink having children anytime soon, but…I get over after putting on some clean clothes and taking a nap. Another thing I love about Nursery is watching Justin interact with all of the kids, he is pretty serious sometimes, but for the most part he does well to play with them and comfort them when they’re sad. It is so cute! If you are newly-weds in the Sierra Ranch Ward, BEWARE! I still can’t decide what their thinking is when they call us to serve in the nursery. I don’t know if they are encouraging us to start having kids sooner or later…??? What do you think?

Cutest Bows Ever!!

So…my cousin runs this business called “Little Desert Divas”, she makes bows and hats for little girls. They are so cute! I can’t wait to have little girls to play dress up with, but until then, I can buy them for my nieces! Check out her website (little desert

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm sorry I'm new to this whole tagging thing, I just realized I never tagged anyone else. So... I tag Nycole Nelson, Sarah Shirley, Trisha Tucker, and Janell Bischoff.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've Been Tagged! (Thanks Alyssha :) )

Justin David Berrett
My Husband & Best Friend

1) Where did you meet? We met at institute on June 27th, 2006.

2) How long did you date before you got married? We dated for four months and we were engaged for five months.

3) How long have you been married? We have been married for almost twenty months and I have loved every minute of it and can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

4) What is your favorite feature of his? I love his smile and his eyes!

5) What is your favorite quality of his? He is very genuine in all he does and always keeps his word.

6) Does he have a nickname for you? Most of the time it’s “Babe”, but every now and then he just calls me “Crazy”, lol!

7) What is his favorite food? Hmmm…let’s see…PIZZA and anything with sugar in it.

8) What is his favorite sport? I don’t think he really has one…?

9) When and where was your first kiss? Our first kiss was on June 30, 2006 (well…technically it was July 1st, 2006 because it was almost 4 in the morning) We had just spent the last ten hours together, talking, watching a 51’s game, eating, watching movies, driving, and just getting to know each other. Justin dropped me off at my house and totally took me by surprise, he just gave me a quick little peck and I thought I was going to die. This was only our first date, but I like to count it as a second or third because it was so long. Now, I never kiss on the first date, but luckily I ended up marrying the only guy I did kiss on the first date.

10) What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Justin and I just love to be together no matter what we’re doing. We like to go on walks, watch movies, bowl, roller blade, go to the lake, hike, and…?

11) Do you have any children? Not yet, we said that we would wait at least two years from our wedding date to start trying, which is only four months away, but we might wait a little longer. I am very anxious and excited to be a mother though and I know Justin will be a great dad!

12) Does he have a hidden talent? Not that I know of…he is good at a lot of things though!

13) How old is he? He just turned 24 yesterday!

14) Who said "I love you" first? Justin did, he totally caught me off guard, we were just sitting on the couch and he just said it. I was shocked, but I felt the same way and I was so glad that he had finally said it.

15) What is his favorite type of music? He likes anything with a good beat, he’s not really into slow songs or classical, but other than that he’ll listen to whatever.

16) What do you admire the most about him? He is always striving to be a better person. He challenges himself every day and does everything he can to accomplish the goals he sets. He never fails to amaze me! He really is just so wonderful in so many ways and feel so blessed to have him in my life.

17) Do you think he will read this? Maybe…?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

So…the other day I was reading a friends blog and she had gone to a website called, you put in a picture of yourself and your spouse and it generates a photo of what your babies will look like. It is hilarious! I tried it a few times and I don’t know how we ended up with a blonde, a redhead, and finally a brunette with really hair (which was probably the most realistic one, but was still didn’t really resemble either one of us) but you should try it. The website is having some issues, so I can’t put any pictures up yet, but I will try again later.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This Weekend...

This weekend was actually quite eventful. Saturday, Justin and I looked at a house, went running at the high school track, went shopping for a bed for our spare room, met Julie’s new boyfriend Mckae, and then I cleaned my house and my parents came over with my birthday presents and we watched a movie and had dessert. It was so fun! Sunday, our niece Sadie was blessed. She is so cute and her dress was beautiful. My mother-in-law has some pretty awesome sewing skills. She never fails to amaze me with the things that she can create and in such a short time frame! After church we went to Laura and Reid’s for lunch. They had tacos, homemade salsa, homemade guacamole, Texas sheet cake, pumpkin cake, and frog eyed salad! YUM! Everyone went back for seconds and some of us snuck a few more platefuls after that. It was a lot of fun to spend time with the family and eat all the yummy food. After visiting for a while Justin and I went home and took our Sunday nap and then Julie and Mckae came over to play games and have some more dessert. We had a blast! We played Guesstures and Catch Phrase and then just talked about life and got to know Mckae a little better. Unfortunately, Julie and Mckae had to head back to Saint George because they both had school and work the next day, so they took off after our visit. Hopefully, they’ll come back soon and visit or we can go up visit them. It is so nice to have both mine and Justin’s family nearby and to have so many friends in town that we grew up with. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by family and friends. It’s nice to know that we’re all here and support and help each other out and just enjoy each other’s company.

The House Hunting Continues...

Well…Justin and I have been very indecisive about buying a house. We looked for months and months and put in several offers, but nothing went through and the ones that did we changed our minds on. When we first started to look we were trying to find a larger house for us for when we decided to have children, then we started to think that it would be better to buy one as an investment and rent it out. So…we went back and forth on our thinking and then we just stopped looking for a while. It’s been a few months and we have finally decided to just get one as an investment and rent it out. We put an offer in on one and we’re going to put offers in on two more today. It really is a “Buyer’s Market”, which is a good thing for some, but BAD for a lot of other people. I can’t believe how many homes go into foreclosure in a day; it really is just so crazy! All of the homes we have put offers on are either foreclosures or short sales. The prices are so low, but unfortunately the process can be a little nerve racking. It usually takes the bank forever to respond to your offer and there is so much paperwork. This is why most realtors recommend that you put in several offers in at once, so that the chances of one going through are higher. Justin and I hope that one of these offers will work out for us, but if not, we’ll just be grateful that we have our home and our jobs. We would eventually like to move, but we are in no rush! We still have two empty bedrooms and no children! Not to mention we both really love our home, the neighborhood, our neighbors, no HOA, and we’ve got a pretty big front and back yard (for a Vegas track home that is). Oh…and there is a lot of parking, which is hard to find now in Vegas. So…keep your fingers crossed for us :)

Birthday Madness!

I have decided that I go through my blogging phases. Sometimes I just feel like I don’t have anything exciting to write about, but I am going to try to make my life a little more exciting, so that I do have more to write about.

Well…Monday October 6th, 2008, was my 21st birthday. I can’t believe that I am 21!! There are days I still feel like I’m 17! Time just flies by, this is the third birthday I’ve spent with Justin and that just blows my mind! He has done such a great job every year to surprise me and treat me like a queen. For my 19th birthday Justin took me out to dinner, the mini grand prix and a movie. He also had little surprises/gifts that he gave me throughout the night. The first one was when he picked me up at my house, he opened the door and there was a pretty gold anklet on my seat that had a piece of paper that said. “My heart is chained to yours.” We went to dinner at Outback and just talked and had a good time. After dinner we went to the mini grand prix to kill some time until the movie started. We weren’t there too long, then we watched “Grid Iron Gang”, which was a lot better than I had expected. We made our way back to the car and there was another surprise on my seat! Justin bought me some really cute strappy shoes, on the shoes there was a piece a paper that said,” I’m so glad that you walked into my life!” I was so surprised he found such cute things and put little sayings on them, but I knew that he had to have had some help from Julie and his mom. (They are both so creative and crafty!) The surprises continued throughout the night. I got a crystal candy dish with some of my favorite candies and it said, “You’re the best treat there is”. Now, I know some of these are cheesy, but I still thought they were so cute! Then I got a cute long sleeved shirt and the saying said, “Happy Birthday covers is all!” Now, I thought this was the last one but I was wrong. It was getting late and Justin was getting ready to take me home, he turned to me and said, “I have one more, but we’ll have to look for it.” I was so confused! We looked around his house and then he said, “I think we need to look at your house”, at this point I was so lost and racking my brain, I couldn’t imagine why he want to hide something at my house, so we left and as soon as we arrived he starts to look in the bushes and all around the outside of my house. I finally asked him what it looked like, and he said, “Well…it’s in a little black box”. My heart literally stopped! Once, I caught my breath, I though well this is an interesting way to propose, but I’ll go with the flow. He finally pulled out the box from the back of his truck and tells me to close my eyes. (Now, I could hear him getting down on one knee and I was freaking out!!) I finally opened my eyes and…it was just a watch. It was a beautiful gold heart shaped watch that had a quote that said, “The best time of the day is the time I spend with you”. Justin was laughing so hard and he just kept saying over and over again, “You thought I was going to propose”, and then just laugh some more. He later explained to me that he just needed to get a practice round in. I didn’t think that was the best explanation, but it definitely is something I’ll never forget.

For my 20th he took me shopping and out to dinner and he planned a surprise party for me. He invited a bunch of our friends over for a game night and he even made me a birthday cake! It was a lot of fun!

This year we went shopping and out to dinner. After dinner we passed a few slot machines and thought we’d try it. This was the first and last time for both of us. We played the quarter, nickel, and penny slots and lost everything! We only put in $3.oo and we did have our winning streaks, but we would just play until the money was gone. I am sure if we had more money on the line, we wouldn’t have been as careless as we were. We both decided that gambling really isn’t that exciting; I don’t know how people can do it for hours and hours. I guess if you are always winning you might want to play more often, but how often does that really happen? After cutting our losses we went and rented a movie and just cuddled at home. Doesn’t sound too exciting, but it really was a nice birthday.