Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We're finally going on a VACATION!!

Justin and I are going on VACATION and I am so excited! We didn’t have much time for our honeymoon and we haven’t been able to take any over the last year, so we both decided to take off a week!! We have 7 days to do whatever we would like!! We are going to Saint George for a few days and then up to Salt Lake! We are going to Zions, Lagoon, Raging Waters, and…???? I will make sure to take a lot of pictures and post them when we get back. Have a wonderful week at work!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bodies the Exhibition at the Luxor

My boss took us to Bodies the Exhibition at the Luxor last Tuesday, it was Amazing!! Everyone needs to go!! I would love to go again, it was just so fascinating to see what the human body looks like on the inside and out. Everything they have on display is REAL, except for the eyes (they are too hard to preserve). I would love to take all of my family and friends and hear their input. Please go! It really was awesome!

You can check out the prices and some pictures at luxor.com

Friday, August 22, 2008

Family Pictures

Well, no one warned me before we got married that Justin’s mom loves taking family pictures, we took them three times, almost four in a year!!! These are from last Thanksgiving. The first one, as you can see, did not turn out, so we took them again the next day. I am sure we will be taking them again soon, because we have had a new addition to the family. Sadie was born August 5, 2008, and Afton and Brian are expecting a little girl in November or December. It is so fun to have so many nieces and nephews and to have married into such an awesome family. I just love them all to death!

This is Sadie!! She is so CUTE!

Sun Busters vs. D&B Electric

Justin and I bought bowling shoes a few months ago from shoeline.com. The first night we got them we went out with Justin’s parents for FHE. We had planned it the night before, so my mother-in-law, who is so fun and creative, made us shirts with our business logos on them. It was D&B Electric vs. Sun Busters. We played two games and… Justin and I won, but not by much! Thanks David and Connie for the shirts and for coming with us! We had a blast!

Oh…by the way… I would recommend buying your own shoes to anyone! It is so worth it! Mine were only $18 and the shipping was free! They are really comfortable and they haven’t been worn by a million other people.

Well... Justin and I have been married for a year and a half now, and it has been both amazing and challenging. Justin and I were both blessed to find new jobs that we enjoy shortly after our wedding. Justin is working for The City of North Las Vegas. He is a Security Control Tech at the Detention Center. He likes his job and we love the benefits, but we're not too crazy about his hours though. Justin also opened his own Solar Screen Business, it’s called Sun Busters. It's a little slow now, but it has done pretty well. If you’re interested in getting some solar screens, let us know. Our house is so much cooler with them and our power bill is a lot cheaper!! I am working at Pay Pros Inc., it is a payroll company. It is definitely not like any other office job I have ever had. We have our busy stressful days, but we also have a lot of fun!

Justin plans on staying with the City, but he may transfer to another department. He is not sure which one yet, but he would like one with a better schedule. (This is probably because I complain so much about not seeing him 3-4 days out of the week.) I hate being home alone at night and going to bed by myself. I know I did it for 18 years of my life, but I just like to make sure he’s home safe and sound. I am going to keep working until we decide to start having kids. We said that we were going to wait at least two years from our wedding to start trying, but we may end up waiting another year or so. We are still young and we would like to just have some time to enjoy each other, travel, and save some money for when we do decide to have kids.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some of Our Engagement Pictures and Our Announcement

Round One of Engagement Pictures (Courtesy of Darin Davis)

"Cowboy Take Me Away"

Justin proposed on November 4, 2006, in Bountiful, Utah. We had driven up to Utah the night before, because my cousin was getting married and I was one of her bridesmaids. We stayed with his Uncle Mike Friday night, because he has horses and Justin wanted to get up early and go riding before the wedding. Well…it started to rain Friday night and it didn’t stop. I woke up to the front door slamming and the truck starting up. Justin and Mike were on their way to put the horses in the trailer, so that we could take them up the mountain and ride the trails there. I had assumed that we were not going to go because of the rain and it was FREEZING, but Justin was very determined. They came back to pick me up and I kept trying to reason with Justin, but he wasn’t giving in. So…I bundled up and decided that I would make the best of the situation. We got to the bottom of the mountain and unloaded the horses and began our little adventure. It was still raining, but we just kept going and talking, after an hour or so we stopped and tied up the horses and let them eat and rest. Justin got out a camera and started to take pictures of the horses and the scenery and I was just looking around and watching the horses. Justin walked a little further up the hill and got into his backpack and I thought maybe he had a picnic planned or something. Justin asked to me to walk over to where he was, so I started to walk over. All of a sudden “Cowboy Take Me Away” by the Dixie Chicks started playing and I still had in my mind that we were going to have a picnic or something, but…as soon as I reached him he got down on his knee and pulled out the ring. (Now, I had told Justin when we first started dating that my best friend Sarah and I would listen to this song and talk about marrying cowboys and living on ranches next to each other. Silly, I know, but we were young. You would think that I would have got the hint when the song started playing, not to mention he was wearing cowboy boots and was so set on going rain and all.) I was freaking out!! (And by freaking out I mean I was speechless and I thought I was going to faint!) One of things I kept thinking was I have no make-up on and I didn’t shower! I had always thought I would be all dolled up, but I was soooo wrong. I said “YES”, but I don’t think reality sank in until the next morning, when I woke up with an engagement ring on my finger, I just kept thinking, “Oh my goodness, I’m engaged! We’re getting married! This is so insane!!” Justin and I were married after 4months after and we couldn’t be happier!

Where and How We Met

Well...Justin and I met on June 27th, 2007. It had been a long day and I was not in the greatest mood. I went home after work changed into some basketball shorts and flip-flops, so that I would be comfortable and so that I could go running at the high school after class. It was a Tuesday, Institute had just started for the summer and I had been going for the last few weeks. Not too many people had been coming, but this week there were a ton of people. ( Which I definitely wasn't expecting, otherwise I might have made an effort to get ready. But...I wasn't looking to get into a relationship anytime soon.) Class started and people were still sneaking in for about the first 30 minutes of class. Justin happened to be one of them. He came in with a friend and they sat down together and class continued. I noticed that Justin was looking at me, and I all I could think was, “Man! I really do look awful! “There were so many cute girls that were all dressed up with their hair poofed and their matching accessories and just felt like such a slob. Now Justin had only come to institute to meet a girl his mom wanted to line him up with. He only knew her name, but that was about it. (The funny thing is I found out later that it was an older sister of a boy that I had briefly dated, but we had ended things exactly a week before. Crazy, huh?) Class ended and I met up with a few friends outside the building for a bbq. The teachers had put together a bbq, so that everyone would have a chance to get to know each other. My friends and I started talking about random things, one of them brought up Guadalajara, and they wanted to know whether it was its own country or it was in Mexico? Our substitute teacher, who was also Justin's boss at the time, said, “I know someone who would know. He then introduced Justin to us. Justin served his mission in Mexico and Guadalajara is located there. (Now Justin had been leaning against the church not saying a word to anyone since class had ended) The night progressed and Justin didn't say a whole lot about himself, but he kept asking me questions about myself. I went to the high school to run a mile, thinking he would be gone when I got back, but he wasn't. He brought me a drink as soon as I returned and continued to ask me questions. Finally, after some time he found the courage to ask me for my number. I was shocked!!! He left and a few days passed and he still had not called. I just figured he lost interest or found a cuter girl. I had all ready made plans with someone else for Saturday night, so if we were going to go out that week, he was going to have to call me soon. Thursday night came and he finally called!! We went out Friday, Saturday, and every day after that.