Friday, March 6, 2009

Valentine's Day

Now…Justin and I aren’t really fans of Valentine’s Day, but we usually try to do something small for each other. Justin woke me up and gave me a cute note that he had typed up with the TOP TEN Things he loves about me. It was so cute and thoughtful. I got up and made heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and then we just cleaned and tried to get things ready for the next week. Since, we had both been off of work for over a week and away from home, so there were lots of things to do, like laundry and what not. Plus we agreed the cruise would be our Valentine’s and Anniversary present to each other and honestly that was the best present ever! It was so nice to have over a week to spend together without having to worry about work or anything. Anyway, my dad called me at about 4pm and said that my cousin John was getting married in a few hours and that we were invited. So, we got ready and got our church clothes ironed, and headed to my aunt and uncle’s house for the wedding. The decorations were beautiful and so was the bride. Lei and John have been dating for 5 years, so she was all ready considered family, but I am glad they made it official :) After the wedding we went to Scott and Nycole’s and talked for hours. Sorry that we never tried out your new game Scott! I promise next time we will, if you ever have us over again :) We’ll have to make it up to you and have you two over for dinner and dessert sometime. It was a good day! Nothing was really planned out, but we enjoyed it. And, let me just tell you…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, having Justin home on the weekends. I hated that we only had Sunday together and that I didn’t get to see him every night when I got home. He is still adjusting to this schedule, but I love that we get to sleep together and eat dinner together every night :) I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and that you were able to spend it with that “special someone” in your life.


brightonislove said...

i think simple valentines days are the best. juston and i just had a simple one too, and really, i think it has been my favorite valentines day of my life so far.

Pamela Iroz Williams said...

"sleep together" i bet you do! J/K. im glad you had a good valentines day though, its one of my FAVORITES :D i miss you

Shawna said...

Simple valentines are good. Glad you had such a great day!