Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Candlelit Dinner Party

So... I meant to post this the other day and I totally forgot to! Justin and I have a couple in our ward that does a dinner party every month to get to know everyone in the ward. Awesome, right? Well...after being in the ward for almost two years Justin and I were finally invited. We were so excited to go and meet other people in our ward because we have been in nursery for a LONG time and the only people we know are the kids :) Jeff and Maggie Goebel were the hosts and they have different themes every month, this month was a "Candlelight Dinner Party". It was on February 20th at their home and the set up was beautiful!! There weren't any lights on, just candles, and it looked so cool and fancy. The women sat on one side of the table and their spouses sat across from them. We got to hear mission stories, dating stories, engagement stories and so much more. It was so much fun to get to know everyone. We had ham, funeral potatoes, salad, rice with alfredo sauce and sauteed onions, cheese covered veggies, and slush! Everything tasted so good!! Before dessert Maggie gave everyone a pen and paper and said to write a funny story from when you and your spouse were dating or from when you were first married. After we wrote them down she collected them and handed them out to different people to read and we had to guess who did what. It was hilarious! For dessert there were a variety of cheese cakes and white cake.

Here are a few of the funny things people wrote on their papers:
*One couple scheduled their first kiss in a day planner.
*One couple had a very awkward couples massage in Hawaii
*One couple took a 48 hr RV trip with 4 other couples during their 1st Anniversary
*One couple had a 10 hour first date. -This is what Justin wrote
*One couple got engaged over the Grand Canyon
*At the end of one couples first date she told him that she had done that same date earlier that day. That is also the place they got engaged.
*One husband while they were dating pretended to be proposing on her birthday and got on one knee and gave her a watch instead of a ring -This is what I wrote

Maggie told us that other dinner parties there was a husband who got a Jungle themed room for their honeymoon and dressed up like Tarzan and swung from a rope onto the bed. There was also another couple that got a hotel room on their honey room and when they got into the room there were two twin beds and when they asked the clerk at the desk why he had given them a room with two doubles, he said he thought they were brother and sister!

Justin and I had a blast! We would like to start inviting couples to our home now and getting to know them better. Thanks Jeff and Maggie for a great night :)


Sheree Flick Photography said...

That is so great! I would love a small activity like that to get to know other people in the ward. Looks like you had a nice night! So cute!

Trisha and Garrett said...

We went back in November to one of their parties it was a campfire theme and it was dark they had christmas trees up everywhere and a pine scented candle with a fake campfire in the middle. It was a blast and such a great idea!

Shawna said...

How fun! How great of that couple to do something like that. It's a wonderful idea to get to know people.
(He really pretended to propose to you with a watch?! Cruel!)

T n T said...

How fun! The themed room with Tarzan?!?!?! Hilarious!

NorthLasVegasmom said...

I love what you did with the photos from the party. Jeff and I have LOVED throwing these parties. This is the first month that we won't be hosting a party since I was busy planning family birthday parties and this last weekend's Twilight girls party. We'll start back up next month. Only 4 or 5 more parties till we've invited all the ward members to our home. And we have some fun themes coming up... Mexican fiesta, Moroccan Nights, Dream Vacation and Christmas in July. If you guys decide to start hosting them give it a try one month and see how it goes. A monthly committment can be overwhelming at times, but every other month is much more reasonable.