Friday, March 6, 2009

Our Cruise :)

Justin and I had a blast on our cruise!! We left Vegas, Monday, February 9th, and headed to Long Beach. Traffic was awesome until we hit Prim. We were stuck in the same spot for over an hour!!! We turned the car off and ate some food until traffic picked up again. I was so worried that we weren’t going to make it to Long Beach in time. The cars finally started moving again and things are going well until Justin loses his contact. Now, this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but he is SO BLIND!! He has got a stigmatism in one and a double stigmatism in the other, so that meant I had to drive. Now, my vision isn’t the greatest either and I didn’t have my glasses because I lost them, luckily we had our GPS to tell me when to turn because I could not see through the rain! We made it there safely and got on the boat; we took our stuff to our room and walked around the ship. I could not believe how many people were totally wasted and we hadn’t even left Long Beach yet. Anyway…we the first night we ate a lot and tried to figure out where everything was on the ship. Tuesday we woke up ate breakfast and then took boat to Catalina. It was beautiful there! There were a ton of shops, so we just walked around and checked them out. There were a ton of people that rented golf carts to drive around and we thought about doing it but neither one of us were old enough. Apparently you have to be 25 to rent a golf cart, but they’ll give a license to drive a car at 16??? I don’t know that just doesn’t make much sense to me. Cars can do a lot more damage than a golf cart. Moving on…Justin and I have always wanted to ride a tandem bike, so we rented one of those instead. It was so much cheaper and a lot more fun! After spending hours on Catalina Island, we decided to head back and eat. Let me tell you the food is AMAZING on cruises!! I ate like 50 times a day and Justin would just sit there and watch me pack it away. Poor guy!
We went to the Jacuzzi and watched the sunset and then we went to dinner. Every night on they have a few different shows and we really enjoyed them all. They had magicians, comedians, and musicals; Justin enjoyed the musicals the most. Which I thought was pretty funny because he hated the Phantom of the Opera and any other musical besides Newsies. Wednesday, we spent the day in Ensenada. It was different than I had expected. The first thing we saw was La Bufadora a.k.a. the blowhole, it was cool, but not as awesome as they make it out to be. Then we walked around the flee market, which is basically like a swap meet, except the vendors hover over you like your prey. It was horrible, they would seriously just stand there the entire time and if you touched something they would start yelling out prices and showing you the different styles and colors. It was kind of nerve racking, so I made Justin stand between me and the vendor , so that he could tell them in Spanish to GO AWAY! We bought some jewelry and vanilla. Justin talked them down to $4 for a liter of pure white vanilla!! I wish we would have bought more. I guess we will next time. Oh and we also ate at a little restaurant there that tacos el pastor. Justin had been looking for them all day and had finally found a place that had them and they were so YUMMY! Hopefully, we can find somewhere here in the states that sell them because they are his favorite. Thursday was our day at sea, so we played miniature golf, for about two seconds and then decided it was too windy. I don’t really remember what we did for the rest of the day, but after dinner we went to the show and Justin got called up to the stage to do the Macarena and it was hilarious!! We did try out the casino, don’t judge us, we lost about $40 in total and then decided that we are glad that we don’t gamble. We got back to Long Beach on Friday and headed back to Vegas. We unpacked and did laundry and went to visit Grandma Barton, who is recovering and doing so much better, and his uncle Rick. Then we went home and slept. If you haven’t been on a cruise…GO ON ONE!! They are the best!

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