Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Christmas at Home 2008

Justin and I spent our second Christmas as husband and wife this year and I think it turned out really well. Justin would probably say that it would have been better if would have stressed a lot less! I am going to be honest and say we still haven't quite figured out how to celebrate holidays with both families and not go crazy! It is so hard to juggle their schedules and our own, but hopefully we will figure it out soon. I must say that I do look forward to starting our own family traditions and doing things with our children at home. I will tell you one thing though this year I am seriously going to plan ahead and get Christmas done way before December. This year I planned way too many craft projects and didn’t give myself enough time! So, this year I am determined to not procrastinate!! We’ll see how I do. Anyway, Justin and I work up and had breakfast and opened our gifts. Then we got ready and had lunch with Justin’s parents, Betty Jo, Darin and their kids, Grandma Barton, and Angie. After lunch, we went to my parents and exchanged gifts with my parents, sister, and grandparents. We weren’t able to stay very long because Justin had to work, so we went home and he got ready to go to work and I just spent the rest of the day cleaning and relaxing. It was a nice Christmas! I think things will be much more exciting when we have little ones to wake us up early on Christmas morning, but for now I am just enjoying that time that we have together :)

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